Onikuma Gaming Headset

Author : Efrain Silva

Well, to start to describe my real feelings about this game headset, for N 64, GAME BOY ADVANCE, XBOX ONE, PSP, and several other compatible consoles, I’d say one word. And that’s “cheap”. But cheap isn’t bad, especially in this case. I, however, would urge you, for greater function and quality’s sake, to invest in something over $75, at the very minimum. Yet like I said, in this case, you do get to take home a little more than what you pay for, being fully honest with you....so it’s up to you ; Onikuma makes some great gaming headsets, either way.

You always get what you pay for. That always holds true. But since in this case, you can get a little more, have fun with this gaming headset if it is your first time using a gaming headset. Get a feel for it and get comfortable, and then you can keep it as a backup and then invest in a truly high - end one. Anyways, what are some things you may want to consider about this item in particular? Let’s take a look....

First of all, Onikuma is actually --- get this --- a “world - leading brand” (and if Amazon says so, then it must be true). No, seriously, though, all kidding aside, Microsoft has relied heavily on this brand for many of its gaming headsets, especially when it comes to its famous XBOX games. XBOX itself owes many thanks to this brand, and that alone speaks wonders to these headsets. They’ve been relied upon much and have sold in the millions, countless gamers worldwide in high satisfaction. But there is more to behold here....

Did you know that the noise - cancelling mic on this bad boy is actually not bad at all? Indeed, it does its job and can help keep a player truly focused on his game (especially on those harder levels). I’ve used it before, and can say that it helps. Though it’s not the best one there is, and the price of the product will tell you that, it’s still something of nice quality that can last you well for a good while, especially the better care and maintenance you give to. Remember to not leave it out in the sun (where it can get damaged, as electronics hate sunlight, by nature) or on the ground (where you can step on it, by accident, as I have done one too many times with my prior headsets).

Also, you might want to keep in mind that this mic is also adjustable, adding to the simple convenience of your experience, all in all. And not only that, but also, its 4D built - in subwoofer is tremendous. Updated with the best of Surround Sound, it’ll keep you in the game for sure! And as you’ve seen that it’s a multi - platform - compatible product, that only further adds to its value. Heck, you can even hook it up to your iPad or Tablet and play some games that way!