Nintendo Switch Controllers

There are a ton of different controller options for the Switch. We're going to cover some of the best of them in detail here. If you want the absolute best quality, just go with either the Joy-Con or the Official Pro Controller. You should actually have a Joy-Con no matter what for portable use. It really just comes down to wheter or not you want the Pro Controller or something else.

Nintendo Switch Controller

The Joy-Con

  • connected to the switch
  • attached to the separate controller unit
  • separate
  • separate with an extra grip
  • split as 2 separate controllers with fewer buttons on each
  • split and added to a steering wheel
  • different colors
  • charging
  • relatively expensive
  • drifting issue
Joy-Con Joy-Con in hand Joy-Con with the grip in hand Joy-Con in a steering wheel controller another Joy-Con in a steering wheel controller Joy-Con with wrist strap Joy-Con with grip

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

  • great quality ( compared to wired controller?????? )
  • better shape and size for gripping
  • analog sticks are bigger and easier to control
  • restricts you to holding your hands together ( as opposed to joy-con )
  • wireless
  • relatively expensive
The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Wired Controller from PowerA

  • very similar to the Pro Controller except that it is wired
  • wired, uses USB
  • can't plug it into the switch directly, needs to be plugged into the dock
  • somewhat lower quality compared to the Pro Controller but still reasonably good ????
  • Official licensed product, bought it at the official Nintendo store in NYC
  • no vibration
Wired Controller from PowerA

Wireless Controller from PowerA

  • kind of like the wired version except it is wireless
  • it does have motion controls
Powera Wireless Switch Controller

Original GameCube Controller

  • needs an adapter to connect to the Switch
  • really nice controller
  • good for Smash Bros
Original GameCube controller

GameCube Style Controller from PowerA

  • looks like a GameCube controller
  • quality ?????
  • wireless
  • extra buttons for better switch compatibility
  • Official licensed product
  • good for Smash Bros
  • it does have motion controls
  • no vibration
powera gamecube controller wireless

8bitdo SN30 Pro

  • looks similar to a SNES controller but with two analog sticks and other added buttons
  • wireless
  • SNES and NES color options
  • Rumble vibration supported
  • Motion controls supported
8bitdo sn30 pro


  • very similar to the Pro Controller but not quite the same
  • slightly different button layout
  • wired ( probably only works with the doc )
  • no vibration
horipad nintendo switch controller horipad nintendo switch controller

PXN Pro Game Controller

  • similar to the Pro controller
  • wireless
  • vibration and motion control included
  • motion control might be spotty
PXN Pro Game Controller

Ortz Wireless Gaming Controller

  • similar to the Pro controller
  • wireless
  • no motion control
  • interchangable D-pads
  • turbo button
Ortz wireless gaming controller

iBuffalo Classic USB Gamepad

FAIL - This one didn't work for the switch. It works great on the PC but NOT on the Nintendo Switch.

  • discontinued
  • USB
  • looks almost just like a SNES controller
  • functions very nicely, plastic isn't as thick, nowhere near as good quality as a real SNES controller
iBuffalo Clasic USB Gamepad