Nintendo Switch Controller Chargers

Author: Efrain Silva

Switch lovers everywhere, if you’ve ever wanted the best extended gameplay experience, in the comfort of wherever you may be, through a sound game, a quality charger that keeps your remote at full battery, and, of course, the right friends to back you up, then your mind’s in the right place. And this time, we can at least talk about one of those things --- getting the right charger. Or, perhaps, while we’re at it, why not look at a few? That’s exactly what we’re going to do in this short article piece, so buckle your seat belts and get ready to get the full scoop on 7 products that are amazing in the world of Nintendo switch controller chargers… we go!!!

The 4 - In - 1 Bestand Switch Charging Dock Station

Sliding rail butt joint --- that’s the easy, convenient method of design the creators of this product chose to go with. And it works so well. Plus, the LED charge indicators can’t be missed. They’ll gladly alert you on your charge status, in flashing bright red or green lights.

This charger says ‘fast’ like nothing else --- in 2 hours or less, you’ll be at full charge! And you can even charge up 2 Switch Pro controllers, along with 2 Joy Cons, at the same time. Now, that’s fast power and delivery that can’t be beat. But there are a few others to note, too….

2. The AmazonBasics Charging Station

This product, now, will blow anyone straight out of the water through its ability to take things up a notch from the last charger we looked at ---- and charge 4 controllers at a time! That’s right. If you happen to have four Joy Cons, guess what? They’ll all charge in 4 hours or less! All new purchases of it come with a 1 - year warranty as well.

Each controller, in turn, slides neatly and quickly into its slot. It’s all both easy to insert and remove, and when they’re done charging, you’ll see their lights turn green. It couldn’t be easier. The design of this firm base charger is both sturdy and elegant, not to mention.

3. The FastSnail Controller Charger

This one, on another note, is all about simple operational design more than anything else. All you have to do is load the Joy Cons or Switch Pro controllers into it, and plug it into any USB port you may have nearby, and you are good to G - O ! With this one, you also have the option of charging 4 Joy Cons or 1 Switch Controller + 2 Joy Cons at the same time, so it’s not bad at all.

It’s fast and convenient. It also comes with a C class cable made to help the charger. Check it out.

4. The PowerA Charging Dock

The PowerA Charging Dock is a standout charger for its overall feel and final result of what it can do. For instance, its aesthetic nature, its sturdiness, and its solid durability are easy to notice. As is its simple, dark color. It’s entirely USB - powered and gives no battery issues, at all, even after using for many hours on end. You can easily tell how well - built and durable it is, all in all.

It may not be the best to store away when you need to play on - the - go. Why? The way in which the cord needs to get wrapped, precisely at the bottom of its charger, can get a little annoying ...just one thing to keep in mind.

5. The ‘Other’ PowerA Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock

You can get a simultaneous charge of up to 4 Joy Cons, at once, with this controller. And it bears a simple, one - color look. Many like getting this charger in all black, enjoying the simplicity it resembles visually. You also get individual LED charge indicators for each of the four ports it comes with, so that you can know which controller is charged --- and how much. It’s made of a weighted base and offers great stability, as such.

It’s also powered by USB. It’s got a nice, slide - in design, too. And it’s comprised of a lithium ion battery as well.

6. The YCCSKY Charging Station

This is one of the easiest ones, on our list, to set up and get going with. And its instruction manual / user guide is quite simple, but captures everything you know, all at once. This product is well known for the over - current protection it offers, as a controller charger, which means that over - voltage safety hazards should not be a problem, here.

For many, like me, that’s already a big sigh of relief. But what else? It also comes with a full year’s warranty, just in case you change your mind….

7. The Insten Joy Con Charger

The Insten Joy Con Charger also protects you from being at either over - voltage or even under - voltage, respectively, and we always appreciate that. In addition, the wide base of it is known to sit well, with really good stability, on just about any kind of surface. And to further add, the product’s non - slip grip will also do its job quite nicely, keepin that from moving around.

It’s got a premium look. It’s made of a solid material composition. And it charges 4 Joy Cons at once. So what’s not to like?

The ‘All - Time Best’ Controller Charger? Final Thoughts.

Well, that question still remains a tough one. If you want the fastest charge available, perhaps go with the 4 - In - 1 Bestand Switch Charging Dock Station, which will you get you to full charge in just 120 minutes or less (the 2 hours we mentioned). If you want the least hassle, however, give the FastSnail a shot. For the best over - current protection, go with either the YCCSKY or the Insten charger.

For charging 4 controllers at once, plus getting a great warranty, why not the AmazonBasics? Just a thought. But ultimately, it all depends on what you need in a charger.