Atari VCS

The game of this latest console release is to mainly reinvent the way that modern games play the classics, introducing them to such original titles in the first place, which I think is an ingenious idea ; after all, our children and grandchildren may need to know, after all, where the forefathers of some of their best games came from, and who they even where. And Atari was one of the first gaming consoles ever, the first to even beat Nintendo to the punch though Nintendo was the brand that really soared modern video gaming into action….even creating some competitors of its own, like Microsoft and Sony. But that’s a topic for another day, perhaps, we are here to discuss this amazing new Atari console and what it might do in your office or living room space, respectively…….

So first of all, I should mention this : July of this year is the anticipated time frame for this product, but anyone who wants to can put their money on the table and ensure a unit by pre - ordering. Sites like Indiegogo allow you to pre - order online, asking any questions you may have at the moment, and checking back for product release or status updates. It’s good to be prepared and know as much as you can, in advance, especially if you played the original Atari or have heard of it….wanting to get a fresh, new taste of it. 

CNET, Forbes, The Verge and Mashable, top reputable companies that have dealt heavily in the eCommerce and tech sectors, most notably, have given good praise already for this product, and that alone will be the catalyst that shoots it off into mass revenue. Everyone knows this, to some degree, and can already see it coming ; it is only a near - future matter of time before it all goes down. People in various types of demographic households are expected to get a unit, if not several (for different rooms of the house or work space, perhaps). A small, black elegant box that doesn’t take up much space, is what this console is --- countless product photos of it, showing it at various angles, attest to this. 


Also, a white, bright light that flickers back and forth (when the console is on or charging), showing the A logo (for Atari) is also to be seen in the middle of this black box. It’s the centerpiece to the whole thing and you can’t miss it. Now, players will be able to connect and stream like they never have before, playing til’ the crack of dawn, if that’s what they really want to do. This console is accessible to all ages as well.


And did we even stop to mention that you get both a modern looking controller and the classic feel of that first Atari joystick, too? You do, you do. Good news indeed. Plus, you can even play one or the other, or perhaps with a PC - compatible controller of your choosing. 

Here are a few live product reviews on it already : 

“Sharp and Modern”

This design is so sharp and modern! I am super excited about the release. Thank you Atari for completely revisiting my childhood  - Monty E.


5 years from today people are going to say come over my house so I can show them this new Atari game… this console is going to be amazing. - Markus S.

“Retro Revival”

I think that this is definitely what the market needs – something new and fresh with a slice of retro. - Jonathan R.

And to further shoot up your excitement and adrenaline spikes, there’s more good news here ; you can even join the online waitlist, at the main Atari website, and get yourself on the updates’ feed as well. This means that, when you give them your email address and permission to contact you every so often, they’ll be in touch with the latest product news, photos, game title release updates and more. They’ll respect your privacy, as well, and won’t share your information with other third - party vendors. In addition, the VCS project has already managed to raise an exceptional $3,021,516 from its one campaign alone, which equates to being 2956%, as of June of last year. These are the numbers, and they’re certainly looking good, especially at that early of a stage in the process. 

One may also stay up to by Facebook and Twitter, both pages which the company keeps updated often. And guess what else, now? The product will also work with voice recog, meaning that there’ll be certain voice commands you can give to it. Now, you can live like a king inside your palace, with all its comforts. The new Atari VCS will give you millions of options on different things you can do. It’s a day to stay in and pamper yourself, then….. 

More than 100 all - time favorite classic titles will get pre - loaded onto this Atari, and more than that, it’s the first time you’ll be able to play them online. Connect with buddies. Play solo. Do whatever you want, really. 

For this project, there are multiple confirmed studio partners working closely in conjunction ; this means you’ll get a final product that has meet excellence standards in more ways than one. Count on that being the case. It’s very likely. There’s more : The Atari VCS will offer smart - home integration, as well, but you might already know that, given the fact that voice commands will be an option. But it should make you ever - more filled with hope! 

You’ll also get specs like customizable UX, low TPD architectures, a quality AMD / Radeon processor built in, and more. This is no time to not buy. At least consider what you’re potentially getting here, folks….. 


This is one heck of a classic - modern mix gaming product we are about to get our hands on, really soon. And it looks like it can only be a success, especially from all the hype and success already. Keep checking for updates, and pre - order if you can!