Nintendo Switch 2

Hey there, loyal Nintendo lovers! Want to know some more about the Nintendo Switch 2 as it seems that multiple sources are citing different things about it? Well, no need to worry ---- right here and now, we will take some of the best pieces of valid information, that you can count on, and piece it all together for you….at least from what we do know for sure. You can count on that. Let’s read on…..

What Do We Know About It?

First off, we know that affordable pricing has been promised, according to some Nintendo employees, more than once. And that alone makes it off to a great start. Pricing has always been good on Nintendo products, especially when comparing against Nintendo competitors ; Nintendo’s consoles have remained the cheapest, all while not sacrificing exceptional games offering solid game play, cut scenes, characters, plot and so much more. And let’s not forget….before other console sellers were around, Nintendo was there. The 1980’s Nintendo Entertainment System practically gave birth to all video games as we know it, no lie. 

The Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, considering their popularity, are still no match in terms of price, nor will they ever be ; Sony and Microsoft tend to take their pricing very seriously it seems, which they should, as is good business. Yet Nintendo has been able to offer, again and again, great prices with strong value, and its games are for true lovers of its original characters. Plus, Nintendo’s games are, generally speaking, more family - oriented and kid - friendly, if you get the drift. 

And with the Switch 2, we could expect something around less than £300/$300, respectively. Nintendo has stated that they want to continue their affordable pricing trend in future consoles as well. Many already love this. Even though the specs to this new console are expected to significantly enhance what we have with the current Nintendo Switch (if you can just imagine that, for one second, as advanced as it is), the asking price will not be too much higher ; this has been promised as well. 

True fans of Nintendo have already been able to spot this trend. I know I have. And I imagined Nintendo would continue it --- why shouldn’t they? It’s worked well for them. 

But how will Nintendo be able to make greater money and keep producing its products, if it doesn’t shoot those prices up like its competitors are doing? No worries, friend, it manages well… releasing new games for the console as well as add - on games and other products for the console (or its older version consoles, even). This type of marketing already gets a lot of sales numbers in Nintendo’s books, so that’s all that matters. 

Speaking of add - ons, remember the recent Nintendo Labo Kits? Think of similar stuff, but new or reinvented...and you’ll fall in love with some great future products really soon. Nintendo promises excellence as it always has. It’ll find a way, for the millionth time, to innovate and continue to sell ---- not to mention recreate itself through its characters, story lines and more. I’m a firm believer in that, and have been all these years, never disappointed. 

A small, elegant, compact design --- as we also know from recent E3 photos that have been released ---- can also be expected from the upcoming console. Black is one of the featured colors, and it looks quite sharp and visually attracting overall. Portable gaming, mixed with dock - larger console add - ons, are to be offered as well. So if you want to go toe to toe with your buddies, at work, during off times, or hook up on that big screen to get the full experience, this next Nintendo Switch version will let you get it done. 

Many independent developers have stated their plans of working with Nintendo in order to get all kinds of new games released onto the platform. This is well in the works as we speak. A Breath of the Wild sequel, for this particular console, has already been talked about by a few corporate marketing execs, which means that, instead of a new Zelda generational title, per say, we might get a continuing storyline of this last one --- I’m not complaining. Maybe it’ll feature Calamity Ganon coming back for his revenge, or perhaps a new foe to arise altogether. We will see…..

Some Starlink and Fortnite possible titles have also been in the discussion phase. Also, of course, the actual title of the console is still in the making (perhaps it has already been partially agreed upon, but not released to public news). It, despite a few hardcore fan rumors, is not yet actually called the Switch 2 ; in fact, it may never be, so just keep that thought in mind. There are still some options for the title, which excites me to know. 

Better color, higher resolutions, more expansive gameplay, enhanced hardware and memory, with faster internal processors, are all promised by Nintendo. We could hope to expect no less of course. It is Nintendo, after all….and I love it. 

When Could It Potentially Be Released?

To get a better idea of when this might all happen, think back to a time not too long ago...I’m talking about the March 2017 spring season, when the first Nintendo Switch products sold to the public market. Just the fall season prior to that time frame, back in October of 2016, the Nintendo Switch had been announced. Think about that for a quick second….that was very rapid progress. 

Nintendo promises, and then it delivers, time and time again….and in a very short space of time. Contrary to common belief, Nintendo does not like to keep its fans waiting. It does, however, not release anything until it is sure it’s a quality product that will sell well and create new fan bases. Count on that. 

Many have stated, that, as such, a release of the next “Switch - type” console might even be as far out as 2002. Developers need time to think and plan things out properly. But it could be sooner as with the first Switch….we never quite know until it hits.