Nintendo Entertainment System ( NES )

This is where it all started for me. The Nintendo Entertainment System was my first gaming console. I wanted one of these so bad when I was a kid. I ended up getting one for my birthday after a long while of only being able to play at other peoples houses.

As a child in the 80s I started with the original Super Mario Brothers and Duck hunt. Not long after I was playing Zelda and Donkey Kong. Eventually, Mario 2 came out and it was so new and different. Even later, Mario 3 was released. It was a little bit closer to the style of the original but more advanced than either of the previous two games. I always wanted Zelda 2 but had to make due with borrowing from friends. It wasn't until years later that I bought a copy on ebay.

This was one of the more common consoles many people I knew had. After newer consoles became more common their value went way down. Now, after time has passed, the value of the NES has gone way up. Now, a 34 year old, used NES is about the same price that a new one used to cost back in the 80s. We recently dug up a bunch of old gaming equipment in my parents basement. We found 4 NES consoles and a bunch of other stuff.

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