Author: Bryan Lance

Magby is a fire-type Pokemon that can normally be found in volcanic areas, but they have also been sighted living in cities and towns as well. About 75% of Magbys are male, leaving only 25% to be females. Magbys have a red body with a yellow shape on their stomachs that resembles a flame. They are a little over 2ft tall and they weigh around 50lbs. Their heads are covered in bumps and they have a round-shaped beak that is yellow in color. They have a long tail and a single spike that’s located on their back. They have short arms with three clawed fingers. Because Magbys are a fire-type Pokemon, they are capable of breathing 1100 degree flames. If Magby falls into a smaller sized pond, the entire pond will evaporate and dry up because of how high of a temperature their bodies get to. You can tell how healthy a Magby is by the color of flames it produces. If the flames are yellow in color the Magby is in good health. If there is a lot of smoke mixed in with the flames, that is a sign that the Pokemon is fatigued. If you see flames dripping from Magby's nose, that means the Magby is sick and has a cold. If this happens, the best way to heal up the Pokemon is to have it lay down in some super hot magma and have the fire-type Pokemon rest for awhile. Magby are weak against ground, rock, and of course water-type Pokemon.

Magby’s Abilities

One of the abilities that Magby Pokemon have is an ability called Flame Body. Flame Body is a defensive ability that is used to protect the Pokemon. When an opposing Pokemon attacks the Magby there is a 30% chance that Pokemon will get burned. This goes the same for multi-strike moves. Each move that makes contact is a chance that they will get burned. Flame Body also protects Magby from items being thrown at it. Magby's might be a smaller Pokemon but don’t underestimate them. Their magma blood makes this Pokemon have a body temperature of over 1000 degrees. Another ability that Magbys have is an ability called Vital Spirit. This ability gives the Magby energy and prevents it from falling asleep. The Vital Spirit ability protects and prevents the Magby from being affected by moves like Sleep and Yawn. This ability also prevents Magby from using the Rest ability.

Major Appearance

Magby made its first appearance in the episode Pickachu & Pichu. This episode first aired in Japan on July 8, 2000, and then in the United States on April 6, 2001. It is a minor appearance where Magby is a friend of the Pichu Brothers. Magby made its main series debut was in the episode You're A Star, Larvitar. This episode was released first in Japan on August 22, 2002, and in the United States on September 6, 2003. In the episode, Magby belonged to a Pokemon Trainer named Satchel. Satchel was trying to get his Magby to evolve into a Magmar so they could compete in the Silver Conference. Satchel succeeded in evolving his Pokemon. The silver conference is the Johto League Pokemon championship competition. All Pokemon Trainers who have earned 8 Gym Badges from the Johto region can enter the competition. A Magby appeared in the episode Gonna Rule The School. The episode was first released in Japan on March 6, 2003, and in the United States on January 10, 2004. In the episode, Magby belonged to a Pokemon Trainers School. A student at the Trainer School named Tommy trained with the Magby. He used it in a Pokemon battle against another student named Max.

Pokemon Playing Cards

Since the release of the Pokemon card game, Magby has been featured on 7 different cards. In the Neo Genesis expansion, Magby had 30 HP and the ability called Sputter. Sputter dealt 10 damage and all Pokemon powers stop working until the end of your next turn. In the Chikorita Side Deck expansion, which was only released in Japan, Magby has 30 HP and the move Punch, which deals 10 damage. In the Expedition Base Set expansion, Magby has 30 HP and the move Energy Catch. When you use Energy Catch you flip a coin, if the coin lands on heads you take an Energy Card from your discard pile into your hand. In the Ex Team Rocket Returns expansion, Magby has 50 HP. Magby has the abilities Baby Evolution and Detour. When using Evolution, one time, before you attack, you can put your Magmar from your hand and place it on your Magby. This evolves your Pokemon and allows you to remove all the damage counters. When using the ability Detour, If you have a Supporter card in play, you can use the effect on that card as the effect of this attack. In the Ex Legend Maker expansion, Magby has 40 HP and the abilities Baby Evolution and Ignite. When you use the ability Ignite If the move Full Flame is in play, the defending Pokemon gets Burned. In the Mysterious Treasures expansion, Magby has 40 HP and the abilities Baby Evolution and Scorch. When you use the ability Scorch, you flip a coin, if the coin lands on heads, the defending Pokemon gets Burned. In the Triumphant expansion, Magby has 30 HP and the abilities Sweet Sleeping Face and Play With Fire. When using Sweet Sleeping Face, if your Magby is asleep, all attacks against Magby will be prevented. When you use the ability Play With Fire, the defending Pokemon gets Burned and your Magby is now Asleep.

Magby is a pretty small Pokemon but they make up for their small stature with their toughness. This fire-type Pokemon also called the live coal Pokemon is definitely one fire Pokemon that you want on your team. Just be careful when locating one, the volcanic environment it lives in could be very dangerous. But also very worth it if you can manage to catch one.