Starting off in its original form as a Caterpie, it first evolves into a Metapod. Then finally in its last evolution, it evolves into its final form, which is a Butterfree. Butterfree is a dual-type Pokemon because it is both a bug and a flying type. With a height of almost 4ft and a weight of over 70lbs, this is no small butterfly. Butterfrees can be found in most forests, as well as flowery fields. But they sometimes can be found near the ocean in which they travel during the mating season. Butterfrees are very territorial and have been known to be found fighting with groups of Cutieflys over fields of flowers. Unlike normal insects, Butterfrees have two body segments and only four legs. Male Butterfrees has a purple body, with blue legs and white wings. The females look just like the males, except the females have black spots on the lower part of the wings. Butterfree has the ability to search for delicious honey from flowers ranging up to 6 miles away from its nest. But pollinating flowers is not the only thing this bug/flying Pokemon can do.

Butterfree's Abilities

The wings of Butterfree are covered with poisonous dust that will fall off as it flies. This same dust will repel water, which helps Butterfree gather honey even when it is raining. Butterfrees have been known to use this same poisonous dust to defend Caterpies from bird type Pokemon. One of the main abilities that Butterfree brings to the table is an ability called Compound Eyes. During a battle, using Compound Eyes will boost your accuracy by 30%, which will increase your chances of landing hits against your opponent. Another great ability of Butterfrees is a move called Tinted Lens. Using this ability will power up moves that are not normally very effective. Butterfrees can learn many different moves that it uses during battle. They can learn Poison Powder, which causes its enemy to become poisoned and lose 1/8 of their maximum HP each turn. They can learn Sleep Powder, which causes Butterfree's enemies to fall asleep during the battle and lose their turn. Another move that can be learned is Stun Spore. If it hits its target, Stun Spore will paralyze the other Pokemon. While paralyzed, there is a 25% chance of not landing an attack and the Pokemon's speed will be decreased by 50%. Butterfrees are strong against grass, poison, and psychic type Pokemon. And they are weak against fire, fighting, and ghost type Pokemon.

Main Appearances

Butterfree has made a lot of appearances over time in the Pokemon world. At the end of Pokemon Emergency, a Caterpie was staring at the group of Pokemon trainers as they passed by. Misty saw the Pokemon and freaked out at its type and yelled for Ash to do something. So Ash threw a Pokeball at the Caterpie and caught it. This was the first wild Pokemon Ash ever caught. Caterpie was very fond of Misty but she wanted nothing to do with the Bug-type Pokemon. While talking to Ash's Pikachu one night, it is revealed that the Caterpie wanted to evolve into a Butterfree someday but it sadly didn't think it could do it. Over time the Caterpie evolved into its second form, becoming a Metapod. During a battle against another Metapod, Ash's Pokemon was snatched away by a swarm of Beedrill. Ash found his Metapod and rescued it, the Metapod saw that Ash was about to get stung by a Beedrill so it jumped in the way and took the blow for Ash. In doing so, the stinger left a big gash in the Metapod causing it to evolve into a Butterfree. The newly evolved Butterfree fought the group of Beedrill and saved Ash.

During the episode Bye Bye Butterfree, a pink Butterfree appeared and Ashes Butterfree fell in love. It even saved this Pink Butterfree by fighting off team rocket. During this episode, many wild Butterfree appeared and took part in a mating ceremony. Ash's Butterfree joined in on this ceremony. Ash released his Butterfree at the end of the episode so that it could mate with the pink one. This marked the first time Ash ever let a Pokemon go back into the wild.

A Giant Butterfree appeared in the episode Caterpie's Big Dilemma. Belonging to the Pokemon trainer named Xander. During the episode, Team Rocket kidnaps Dr. Gordon. And a Caterpie eats some of Dr. Gordons enhanced rare candies and when the Caterpie eventually evolved and it turned into a giant-sized Butterfree. After chasing after Team Rocket and saving Dr. Gordon, the giant Butterfree returned to its normal size at the end of the episode.

Pokemon Trading Cards

Since its initial release in 1996, there have been many versions and expansions of the Pokemon trading card game. And there have been many different versions of the Butterfree Card. The first released Butterfree card has the Pokemon with 70 HP. It has its two attacks which are Whirlwind and Mega Drain. Whirlwind causes the opponent to have to switch out their fighting Pokemon for a benched Pokemon and it deals 20 in damage. Mega Drain which hits the opponent with 40 damage has you remove a number of damage counters from Butterfree that is equal to half the damage done to the defending Pokemon. Most of the Butterfree cards that have been released have the Pokemon with a130 HP. Pokemon Sun And Moon have Butterfree use Gust as an attack. Gust deals out 70 damage to the opponent. It also uses Quiver Dance, which is a move that will heal your Butterfree and remove 40 points of damage. Although there are many different variations of the Butterfree card, the one thing that will always stay the same is that the first stage for the Pokemon is a Caterpie. A little worm-type Pokemon that a lot of people don't like to use. But if you keep leveling up this Pokemon, so it evolves into the second stage which is a Metapod and then to its final stage, which is a Butterfree. This is a great Pokemon to have and to fight with.