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Author: Efrain Silva

Welcome! Welcome to the world of the Pokemon, folks, a place where all types of magical creatures with animalistic features are known to roam pleasantly and freely. It is also a world in which their very existence is threatened on a constant basis, by people who merely wish to eradicate them or simply use them for scientific purpose altogether, extracting their powers for their own evil purposes. And people like Jessie and James of Team Rocket, along with their sidekick Meowth, are those such enemies……

Dragon Type Pokemon: Dragonite - breaking door

But not to worry: There’s also plenty of good guys willing to help, those who love the Pokemon and do not desire to simply capture them but to study and learn them, to love them, even. These heroes have taken on different names at different times, starting with Ash Ketchum and his friends Misty and Brock, who formed the first allegiance against Team Rocket in its efforts to rid the world of the Pokemon, once and for all. But Ash, Misty and Brock always have a trick or two up their own sleeves. What we are referring to here by “dragon type”. There are, as of late, more than 50 different types of dragon Pokemon as of the latest Pokemon series and its generational setting. But in previous versions of the Pokemon universe, this number variated. And these are only the Pokemon that have been seen and studied though research holds that, in the Pokemon universe, there are still countless more types of Pokemon that have never been discovered or even known about. It truly makes for a far bigger world than you would come to originally expect as, starting off, everyone in the Pokemon world thought there were only 150 Pokemon totaled, and then 151, but that number has grown since then. And in terms of “dragon type Pokemon”, of which you were wondering already, what we mean is this: There are different types of Pokemon in the world, some water - based, others land and earth - or plant - based, others fire based. The fire - based kind are the dragon types, and they originally started out with creatures like Charizard, a beautiful orange dragon that had the powers of flight and fire breath, among other hidden talents. This is the dragon Pokemon type.

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Some further details to rightfully explore

But furthermore, let’s break down some of the pros and cons for this type of creature, especially when pitted in battle against other types of Pokemon, be it out of defense or in tournament. The moves of dragon type Pokemon are especially effective against other dragon type Pokemon --- interesting, right? Is that what you were expecting to find? Well, there’s more; please read on. And in addition to that, dragon type Pokemon moves tend to be quite ineffective against steel type Pokemon, which, of course, can resist flame and are more than rock solid. They are pure steel in their strength, so another method for their downfall must be pursued. One has to get tactical here.

Humorously enough, as well, dragon type moves have no effect of any kind on fairy Pokemon. Their moves simply do not work. Odd, right?

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More background information on the parent brand and its company

Dragon Type Pokemon: Salamence - fire

Pokemon has been around since the start of the Millenium, officially kicking off around in the year 2,000 --- a time after which, not too shortly after, it truly took off and began to explode in the U.S. and Japan, among countless other nations of the world. And at that time, Pokemon grew to be more than just the TV show for kids that it started out as. In fact, it became a raving obsession selling everything from comic books to live movies to video games to trading cards to collectors toys to everything in between. And I’m sure there’s likely some form of merchandise offered by the Pokemon brand that I have not even remembered to mention; either way, the point is that there is so much “merch” out there for Pokemon, that it’s all hard to keep track of. That is really how popular the Pokemon brand is. And it is apparently undying. Still today, almost 20 years after Pokemon got started, people are still talking about ---- newer and older generations alike. Pokemon is truly unvanquishable, in every respectful sense. And the goal now is for it to continue to change in its approach, its characters and Pokemon creatures, its storylines and so much more so that fans always keep coming. New fans and old ones alike should be continually attracted to the world of Pokemon; I know I was back when I was 10 years old still remain a faithful fan today. I don’t believe in the concept of evolution --- that I will be fully transparent about. And some have said that Pokemon teaches or highly endorses this concept since its Pokemon are each known to evolve over time. That may be true, but I appreciate the good instead that has come with the world of Pokemon, a land of beauty and mystery, awe and wonder, spectacular color and much more. I take in the good with the bad.

Last Thoughts

Pokemon falls under a greater parent company known as Nintendo, which has been in the magical business of creating unbelievable fiction characters since, well, near the beginning of the modern technological video game age --- back in the very early 1980’s. And Nintendo has not stopped in its reach for greater endeavors and a stronger fan base since then, achieving what it has set out to do. Nintendo specializes in video game consoles and accessories for some of its main selling characters like Mario and Luigi, Link, Donkey Kong, Captain Falcon, and countless others.

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