Minecraft Zombie

The undead humanoid known as the zombie, in Minecraft, is one you need to keep your eyes on the lookout for. This type of fantasy creature can take on all kinds of forms, even a cute little baby; yes, indeed, the baby zombie is as much a threat as is its adult form ( even more ), so be sure that you don’t drop your guard at any moment. It could cost you your health meter or life points. Stay alert! 

Humorously enough, the baby zombie is able to ride upon any of the following, so if you see it mounted and coming towards you, turn the other way and flee. Here’s what it can get up on top of and ride : 

  • Cows
  • Ocelots and Cats (LCE)
  • Wolves
  • Mooshrooms
  • Adult chickens
  • Pigs
  • Pandas
  • Sheep
  • Polar bears
  • Horses
  • Donkeys
  • Mules
  • Zombie horses (as unused jockey variants)
  • Skeleton horses
  • Llamas
  • Adult zombies
  • Adult zombie villagers
  • Adult zombie pigmen
  • Adult husk
  • Adult drowned
  • Spiders
  • Cave spiders

Guess what else? There are also armed zombies (yay --- as if the regular, unarmed versions were not bad enough). And these zombies can literally pick up anything that should fall right in from of them, be it a sword, a pumpkin, a pickaxe or anything else under the sun. And it gets even more challenging as the type of armor they wear is known to last longer and be more durable, too, even more than if a human player like yourself were using it. 

The armor on them does not rust or fade as quickly or as easily, and that’s a fact. Plus, “damage sources” found in the game will not wear it out to the same effect. Consider this armor far more enhanced than what you as a character would wear, and watch out. 

Yet what do zombies hate? Remember what that is? Sunlight! That’s definitely one thing, for sure. Zombies probably hate sunlight as much as Superman hates kryptonite, so there’s your starting piece of advice when facing a zombie, unarmed or armed, or even a baby one…..

But speaking of ‘armed’ zombies, and still on that note, it’s interesting to note that sunlight will wear out the helmets they’re using and cause them to simply break off. So start there. Draw the zombies to you, if you can, making them come in your direction as you head to a warm, sunlit area….and then you can spring the trap as soon as you get the chance to. They’ll hate every second of it and will wish they had left you alone. Count on that. 

You can also drop a heavy item, such as a strong block, or even an anvil, right on the head of any armed zombie...and you can be sure that its helmet will likewise fall off (and you might have even given it a blaring headache, hopefully). Fun, right? You’ll have lots of it if you play your cards right……

Also, keep in mind : In Minecraft, zombies will have a tendency to spawn within groups of four. As soon as they see you, even if from up to 40 blocks away, they’ll pursue you relentlessly. Hopefully, you’re at least a distance away...the farther, the better. Get away from that nasty breath --- eww.

These zombies are also known to hate obstacles, like the plague, and will avoid them at all possible cost. You can use this to your advantage, keeping any between you and them. These zombies will try to get to you through any short path they can get ahold of, so move quickly and precisely, keeping one step ahead of them. 

You may also want to know that they’re slightly different from the skeleton monsters you encounter in the game, in the sense that one of their main goals is not, like the skeleton, to avoid taking a hit and stay out of the way of your blows. No, far from it, these zombies are apparently fearless and will find any way to get you. Even when you’re attacking and hurting them, they’ll still keep coming straight at you --- not even a blade will get in their way. 

Zombies can also drown if they fall in water, so that makes for another great chance in which you can set the trap and make them fall right in. At this point, they become “drowned zombies” as they have now entered the drowned stage. But one of my very favorite ways to get rid of them follows…..

That’s by direct sunlight, if you haven’t guessed. Yes, these nasty creatures will indeed catch fire and burn on their own, once you can expose them to any type of direct sunlight; the sun has to be at least 15 degrees above ground for this to work. Keep that in mind. Yet if the area’s somewhat shaded, you can still expose them to 11 - level or less sunlight, and it’ll hurt them as well. 

Keep in mind that zombies, at least in this game, are not necessarily stupid. They know how to seek out shade, for instance, and will move quickly to do so, like their very life depended on it….which it does. Try to take out their shade, or them, before they can get to it. 

Zombies also know how to call in reinforcements, in this case, more of their own kind….who, when called into action, will pursue you like the enemy. Some zombies, once you’ve hurt them enough, can enough spawn forth other zombies and grow in numbers. If it gets too bad, and you seem to be outnumbered, try to outsmart these guys either way and go for ‘environmental damage’ in order to take out a whole host of them at once. Yes, I refer to lava, cactuses, and even the aforementioned sunlight or water drowning. 

Play on. Enjoy. Minecraft rules! And that’s why countless gamers have taken to the game and forgotten about the troubles of this life….you can too! May the best players succeed.