Minecraft Steve

“Steve” is one of the 2 default player skins, the other one being Alex, in the game of Minecraft. And players who do not use custom skins may find themselves given Alex or Steve, but let’s focus more on Steve, shall we?

This wonderful default player named Steve is of a darker skin complexion. He’s got a light, blue shirt and some dark brown / black pants on. He has a friendly face.  

And in terms of what he can do while in play, keep in mind first that Steve’s armor points can vary though his health points tend to work around 20 (Heart.svg × 10). In other words, when you start off playing as him, you start off with a full set of 10 hearts / 20 health points, respectively. Furthermore, a full heart is known to represent two hit points, which means that total hearts merely account for a percentage of hit points. 

And to further add, there’s several different ways in which your character Steve can lose his hit points, so be careful. Any of the following, in fact, can do the trick : 

  • Starving to death (yes, believe it or not…..)
  • Taking fall damage (even from using Ender Pearls)
  • Being attacked from hostile mobs / outside players
  • Getting shot with any arrow
  • Getting hit with trident
  • Getting set on fire
  • Touching a piece of lava
  • Touching fire, or even a magma block, or, heck, something as simple as a cactus
  • Drowning under the water
  • Suffocating while inside of a block
  • Falling right into “The Void”
  • Taking instant poison damage or withering --- heck, even  other damage that could be instant
  • Being caught in the middle of an explosion
  • Getting struck by some lightning
  • Hitting any player who is wearing armor that has been “enchanted” by means of the Thorns
  • Getting hit by any falling anvil
  • Crashing straight into the ground, or into any wall, at some really high speeds…..with an Elytra.
  • By typing the word “kill” inside of the chat bar, once the commands have been enabled.
  • Walking into the Sweet Berry Bush, after passing the 'sapling' stage‌s

Steve (or you, as the player holding his future in your hands) ought to definitely know a few more things when exploring Minecraft world, the next fact being that two hearts or less showing on your health meter is never a good sign. You need to get help right away if this is your predicament; either way, if your health hearts drop this low, the health meter will start to shake uncontrollably so as to remind you to get more health right away….your life, or should I say Steve’s, is at great risk. So don’t hesitate to refill at your earliest opportunity. 

In addition, and thankfully (take a long, deep breath when reading this), there are many ways Steve can get his health back up. The first is by getting an Instant Health potion wherever he can find one, and there are many sources willing to provide it. You just have to look around, ask around and persist. And also, you’ll notice that the health meter will actually fill itself all the way back up...if you’re playing in the Peaceful difficulty level of the game; check in your settings as the game does include different difficulty levels. Also, on all other difficulty levels, when Steve’s hunger level gets to 18 or higher, and manages to stay that way, then you’ll notice the health living rising gradually; it’s a nice little added perk, I would say…..

Moreover, you can watch out for the common “Regeneration” effect found throughout the game. When you encounter it, your health will regenerate entirely, or at least quite rapidly. Steve will thank you for it. 

If you manage to come across a golden apple or a beacon, then consider yourself in good luck as these 2 items are what will most enact this regenerative feature. The golden apple can typically restore about 4 hearts while the beacon can even restore up to 8. 

Make sure that Steve keeps an eye out for the “Health Boost” effect offered, as well, since this is what can instantly add another 4 full hearts to his health. Not only that, but the “Absorption” effect can even account for another 4 per each level affected; keep in mind that Minecraft Steve’s health and armor bars will split up the damage evenly, doing as much as they can. You’ll also notice that, if you choose to play within Hardcore Mode, your hearts will have a different texture altogether. Now let’s look at some of the basic movements Steve can engage in…..

First of all, we have sprinting --- yes, he can sprint, and quite well, actually. But doing so will drain his food bar quite a bit. So just remember that and use it sparingly or as needed. 5 blocks per second is what he can sprint, and while in the middle of any sprint, he is even able to jump up 4 blocks. Nice, right? 

And also, sneaking is another great feature that’s his: He can do so as you press shift + the up arrow. Sneaking can stop Steve from falling, or at least when it’s more than a half - block. Over a large, empty area, this means that Steve can build horizontally and outwards, at the same time, with great ease. If you find Steve going past the edge of any block in the game, and you engage his sneaking feature, he’ll make sure that he doesn’t fall off his block. Now let’s talk about the game’s different modes just briefly…..

There’s Survival Mode, Hardcore Mode, Adventure Mode, and Spectator Mode. They all come with different user - friendly and difficulty levels. Play one or all to see how skilled you truly are.

So, in a nutshell, that’s Steve for you, the default player skin. Check him out next you play some Minecraft. He’s waiting for you…..