The Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is Minecraft’s first added boss, and it is a cruel one to come face - to - face with, to say the least. Let’s explore it some more here…...

Ender Dragon Egg 

UPDATE - It turns out you can hatch the eggs in a furnace.

Whenever your player manages to kill this foul creature within the game, it’ll drop an egg known as the Ender Dragon Egg as some prefer calling it. Anywho, you can also make your own egg, which is a bit harder to do. But either way you choose to go about it, know that getting such an egg, in the first place, comes with some difficulty and is somewhat rare. So if you’ve got an opportunity, don’t pass up on it.

If you’re facing some difficulty in getting an ender dragon summoned to fight against you, to begin with, then the game offers certain cheats that you can put in….which will bring one directly to you. To make this egg, you need a redstone torch, a piston, and 10 stones….and of course, the dragon itself. The following part may or may not disappoint you in the least bit, depending on how you take it, but it’s something you do need to know…...and that is that the dragon egg itself serves no central purpose of any form; it is merely decorative and can act like a trophy, of which when you look upon, makes you feel proud while reminding you that you did, in fact, slay a dragon. 

A solid black block, much similar perhaps to a lump of large coal given to a bad person at Christmastime, is what this egg looks like. It’s got a blast resistance of 45, along with a stackable element count of 64, and is non - renewable, non - flammable and even non - transparent. Keep in mind, also, that the only dragon to drop this egg will be the original one you face as respawned versions do not drop it. 

How to Respawn the Ender Dragon

The best part here is this : You don’t really need to find or make use of any game commands. All you need is to follow a few easy steps, the first being that you need to have gotten 4 End Crystals in your possession. Once you have them, or have yet to get them, proceed…..

So, let’s say you now have these. Then what? Well, you’ll just need to get yourself to the game’s Final Portal, from where the real action will happen….ready? 

Four torches, one well - placed on every side, will illuminate the pillar that rises from the center, of which the egg rests on top. Easy, right? Finding it by this description should not be hard at all…..

If you fall right in the portal, on the other hand, it’s ‘game over’. So do be careful, please. You’ll then need to place something right around the portal, which will be 3 End Crystals. Save the fourth one, though, for a special purpose….you’re going to place it somewhere else…..

When you’ve placed the first 3, you’ll place that fourth one right next to that portal. Each of the portal’s sides will now have a crystal placed on it. The outer pillars, along with their own crystals, will now be rebuilt, and that infamous dragon will have respawned. Now, it’s ‘go time’ once again…..are you sure respawning was such a good idea? Are you up for the challenge?

How to Kill the Ender Dragon

This creature can easily smash through most types of blocks, so do not take it for granted. Make sure you have brought a bow with you, preferably one with the best type of enchantment you could get. A high - damage (perhaps Fire Aspect) sword would not hurt to have either. This is just to slay those Endermen; on the dragon itself, the sword won’t work and you’ll need to resort to something else. 

Start by fully eradicating the End Crystals’ Obsidian Pillars, which help the dragon stay near his max health. Then, you’ll whip out your bow to take that dragon down, starting with head attacks in order to quadruple the damage you can inflict. Yes, go right for the head as Thanos in the Avengers would have suggested….the same works here. 

Let it chase you first --- then unleash those arrows. Head shots are not a bad idea here; make them quick and repeated, one after the other. Show no mercy or fear, for the creature will not do the same either. When it flees from the pain, chase it, and it’ll attack you once more. Just repeat the process, and in time, it’ll succumb to all those arrows.

How to Tame the Ender Dragon

UPDATE - Apparently you can tame the ender dragon now.  You supposedly need to hatch a neutral dragon from an egg heated in a furnace.  You then need to feed it fish to tame it. We haven't tried this yet.

This mob boss dragon cannot be tamed, first and foremost, though it has been a long - time wish of many players of the game, both new and old. The suggestion, however, has already been made on many accounts to the game’s developers and producers. Hopefully, one day, taming this great creature may, in fact, become an option. But for the moment, that’s just not the case...yet one can always dream. 

Fully tamable dragons would be a first for Minecraft, especially if a boss of such scale and influence could be tamed. In fact, the topic has become one of so much discussion and debate, lately, that countless fans everywhere have even further explored it through creating viral YouTube videos, Twitter posts, blog sites with discussion forums, chat rooms and more. Many have hoped that the creators of Minecraft will one day give into their demands, in this respect, and give the people “what they truly want”. 

So next time you’re out looking for a game to buy, remember Minecraft, especially if you’ve never played. You may love it. And remember the Ender Dragon and his egg! 

We hope you have enjoyed this short blurb. When you’re ready, embrace the world of Minecraft. It’s waiting for new players, with open welcomes anyone who is brave enough to venture! Do you have the will to win, at any cost?